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People have long struggled with ways to preserve food. In fact, it dates all the way back to ancient times when the Romans and Chinese attempted to find ways to keep food fresh. Ice seemed the most practical way to keep foods cold. However, it wasn't exactly the most advantageous, with many struggling to keep a steady flow of ice on hand as well as preventing it from melting.

Early inventors tinkered with creating more efficient iceboxes, which eventually pointed the way toward refrigeration because ice shortages were becoming a cruel reality. It was a Scotsman, William Cullen, who invented the first-refrigeration device in 1755. Benjamin Franklin got into the act in 1758, working with chemistry professor, John Handley, to find other ways to cool objects without relying on ice.

Fast forward 260 years later to present day and industrial refrigeration has evolved into a sophisticated, energy- and eco-friendly business that has helped many industries -from the food and beverage industry to cold storage facilities to pharmaceutical companies to ice rinks - achieve success.

RECCO has been in the business of industrial refrigeration engineering since 1969. We offer expert services in refrigeration for food and beverage industries, cold storage and distribution, ice rinks as well as commercial HVAC systems for offices, homes, apartment complexes and other retail establishments. We are the refrigeration engineering experts and are ready to assist you with installing the most effective system for your business while staying within your budget, and providing repairs as well as service 24/7. RECCO even has an extensive inventory of refrigeration and HVAC parts that will keep current commercial refrigeration systems up and running.

RECCO is also on top of all the latest research in green technology and is equipped to provide immediate HAZMAT response in the event of an ammonia leak. We are a proud recipient of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) GreenStar award for doing our part in developing the skills and expertise necessary to deliver energy-efficient, cost-effective environmental solutions to our customers.

Contact RECCO today for all of your refrigeration engineering and contracting needs. Contact RECCO during regular business hours by telephoning 800-990-9423. You can also email questions to Emergencies such as an ammonia refrigeration leak, loss of service or the need to make an urgent appointment can be reported twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at 781-396-8780.

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