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Cold Storage & Distribution

The five most important considerations in providing cold storage refrigeration for our clients are the same as those in most of RECCO's installations: performance, reliability, safety, cost efficiency and ease of maintenance. Cold storage varies from other refrigeration challenges in its sheer size and scale. At RECCO, we have designed systems to attain and maintain consistent cooling and freezing requirements in facilities of 20,000,000 cubic feet and larger. Our extensive experience encompasses all the widest possible variety of industries and allows us to save clients money on the installation and on energy consumption.

RECCO has been providing top of the line industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as HVAC contracting since 1969. We are also among a very small number of firms to be awarded MSCA Star qualifications as well as to be names a "Green Star" Energy Solutions Provider.

The definition of cold storage is rather simple. It involves keeping objects in cold storage for a length of time to preserve them. Now, those items do not necessarily have to be food. Many products such as medicine and research materials may need to be preserved using cold storage refrigeration.

RECCO technicians work directly with your company, business, laboratory or research facility to design the right cold storage refrigeration system that will provide you with the best long-term, cost-efficient service.

The best compliment that our clients can give is testimonials. Shaw Supermarkets Inc. is a longtime RECCO customer.

"Refrigeration Engineering & Contracting Co. Inc. has been my refrigeration contractor of choice since March of 2007; their contract has recently been extended through 2016. The RECCO Team displays a professional attitude and is very knowledgeable in the field. They have helped to reduce energy cost in my facility; they perform all preventive maintenance tasks, repairs, and all required inspections that allow me to maintain an affective PSM Program. I would recommend their services to others upon request."
Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc.

Contact RECCO's helpful and knowledgeable customer service department by telephone at 800-990-9423 or by email at today to discuss your cold storage refrigeration, design and engineering needs.



















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