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Refrigerant Safety

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the refrigerants used in industrial refrigeration as well as HVAC systems. Whether it is installation, service calls, regular maintenance or a leak, refrigerant safety guidelines are of paramount importance at RECCO. Any refrigerant in either a refrigeration or HVAC system must be handled properly since all can pose a potential danger.

Many refrigerants have low boiling points and can cause frostbite as well as eye damage. Those with higher boiling points have the potential to cause respiratory problems and skin irritation. Then, there are the dangers that refrigerants pose to the environment.

When you contact RECCO, understand that all proper safety protocols and guidelines are in place. Safety is always a primary concern at RECCO. We ensure that your facility and employees are in extremely capable hands.

RECCO technicians follow specific procedures when maintaining, servicing, repairing or disposing of air conditioning or refrigeration equipment. Our standard procedures include training in the proper use of protective equipment and proper handling, transporting or disposing of refrigerant cylinders. RECCO staff members are trained to follow proper safety procedures to prevent electrical shock and arc flashes. All technicians are instructed in the use of flame resistant clothing, face shields, hoods, gloves and voltage detectors in accordance with NFPA 70.

All refrigerant guidelines and safety precautions are followed to the letter to ensure the safety of your facility and staff as well as ours.




















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