Refrigerant Pumps

Ammonia is a standard refrigerant because it is an efficient and cost-effective refrigerant. The ammonia used in industrial refrigeration systems contains very little water. While ammonia in poisonous when used in large concentrations, the ammonia that is used in refrigerant pumps is carefully monitored by several checks and balances.

General purpose pumps have two main jobs. They were designed to move refrigerant to evaporators. However, they can also be utilized to transfer refrigerant to vessels.

RECCO has been installing general purpose pumps in industrial refrigeration systems since the late sixties. Their systems occupy food and beverage facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and ice rinks around the nation.

RECCO always installs the highest quality general purpose and refrigerant pumps, and has been since 1969. For information on ammonia and refrigerant pumps, contact RECCO by email at or telephone at 800-990-9423.